Patta x Nike collaboration

Patta is a longtime friend of Nike, and that's why they have collaborations together. 

A few weeks ago, the Amsterdam store Patta officially announced a new stage of cooperation between their concept store and the brand Nike. We could not miss a deaf ear to the news and immediately looking at what we should expect from the new collaboration.
It is quite natural that the main thing of the new collection were sneakers. Patta designers got full freedom of creativity and decided not to miss this opportunity and created a hybrid pair of sneakers based on the Nike Air Max 90 and Nike Air Max 95.


The collection includes not only sneakers, but also a limited line of clothing, which includes coach jackets, t-shirts, pants, windbreakers and other things.


On October 27, the clothes will go on sale exclusively in our store on Nikolskaya. Wait for announcements in our social networks.

The primary right to buy Nike x Pata clothing will be for store visitors, if it is all immediately sold, then we will upload it to the online store.